|| Safety & Security ||

Strict Spam Detection & Prevention
B1ST prevents spam by using 2 layers of authentication.

The first prevention layer by enabling reCAPTCHA to stop bot messages.
The second layer by integrating A.kis.met, the best-automated spam killer that actually gets better as it learns.

Malware & Virus Protection
B1ST makes use of OPSWAT Metascan API to scan any files attached to customers’ messages; thus ensuring it is clean and not infected by any virus or malware that may damage your server security. It also allows auto multi scanning facilities using more than 40 engines.

Auto Database Backup & Restore
Rest assure that you can restore your data back in case you faced any suddenly data loss. B1ST allows you to generate backup of your messages database on a period-basis, as many as you wish to. These backups can be restored later easily with a push of a button.